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Pokemon Storm Silver is one of the best remakes of Pokemon Soul Silver ROM, which is quite a popular version of Pokemon Games Series by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Storm Silver Download Version again one of the successful hit of Drayano who have previously some of the amazing hits like Pokemon Blaze Black 2 etc. The storyline is one of the special ones which contains lot’s of fictions and fantasy scenes, also you will experience some new characters which are being added to the Pokedex. Let’s have a look at the basic info about the Storm Silver Pokemon Game.

Basic Info about Pokemon Storm Silver Version ROM Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Storm Silver Version
  • Creator: Drayano
  • A remake of Pokemon Soul Silver
  • Game Size: 58 MB

Snapshots of the Gameplay of Pokemon Storm Silver Edition Download:

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Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Storm Silver Download Edition:

Perhaps you may have played the Omega Pokemon version which is also created by this author and having a somewhat same storyline like Pokemon Blaze Black. So, this time you will experience the same storyline, having some changes in the scenes and characters which will inspire you to play the game up to full extent. Lot’s of graphical changes and elements has been added as part of the game to make the game look more better than the previous versions.

The maps are somewhat similar to the previous version while as the main events are a little bit changed this time. The addition of some famous and new events makes the pokemon storm silver version better and complex. Lot’s of new pokemon characters are being part of the game, about 493 Pokemon are added in the game which makes the Pokedex more better than the previous version. Some of them are wild-type while some of them are Legendaries which makes the combination stronger than ever.

Attacks and Moves:

There are lots of changes which has been done to the basic scenes of attacks and moves. Now you can move in several directions while as the Wild-type pokemon have limited edition of moves and attacks too. Now a small number of attack moves have also been part of the game which was not available in the previous versions. All moves that were given some sort of change in Pokemon Black & White have had the same change applied to them in Sacred Gold & Storm Silver. Now you will experience the Level ups and downs in the gameplay as the difficulty level of the game is increased so much. It depends on you to choose a specific mode of the game. As a large amount of Pokémon has extra level-up moves in some form to make them easier to raise in the Pokemon Storm Silver Version GBA Hack.

Trading and all other Stuff:

While playing the Storm Silver Pokemon Game version you will experience the amazing trade mechanism which is now part of the game. Now you have trades within the game have also been both edited and shifted to the upper level to make the game more advance and complex. As we know that getting some hard-to-place Pokémon a bit more convenient in the game. Examples include the ability to trade for Pokémon such as Gligar, Skarmory, Beldum, and Smoochum. Now the TM is part of the game and you can use them as well. They even have a move ordinarily learned by TM, or not at all!

Graphics and layout:

Graphics of the game is really awesome as we have a new edition of the pokemon series game. You will see and discover the new graphical elements being part of the Pokemon Storm Silver game which is quite amazing. The complete menu layout and basic layout is now changed by the addition of some new main menu items. You can download Pokemon Melanite Full Game OR Pokemon DR 2 Download Game

Trainers in the Game:

New rosters have been given to trainers in response to the broader selection of Pokémon available in the game, and to make them more in line with their Johto counterparts. Some trainers will have different teams for Storm Silver than they did in Sacred Gold as a result.

Lance has changed from Dragonite/Gyarados/Charizard to Pidgeot/Dragonair/Aerodactyl – this is because he had no Flying type Pokémon on his roster before! Misty now uses Starmie instead of Gyarados like she did back then; her team was lacking Water types so I decided that would be best. She also doesn’t use Lapras anymore which is pretty cool too (I know some people love using it) but since I really wanted Fighting types all over the place.

Training Pokemon is one of the best parts of the game and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun with it! Tyranitar becomes stronger at night, Rhydon becomes stronger in caves etcetera. This is to make them more appropriate for their environments like they were back in Generation II but also because this makes them better than other Pokemon when used on certain routes*; hence why my personal video game teams always had two Tyranitars.

For those new to these hacks or who played Storm Silver before, there are some additions that will be apparent right off the bat: Misty has changed from Gyarados to Starmie (amongst other things), since she didn’t start out using Water types until later on in her series.

Pokemon Data and Moves:

The Data of most of the pokemon has been changed . The movesets are also changed and edited to make the pokemon more viable, with some pokemon getting a complete overhaul (i.e Aggron). The Ability of most Pokemon have been switched or tweaked in order for them to be used better competitively.

Moves that were previously TM’s now show up as unobtainable TMs/HMs: Earthquake, Roar etcetera. This is so we can give those moves back their original purpose which is being obtained by making it an event move only obtainable through trade from another game or something similar. It’ll remove things like Head Charge because you won’t be able to get such powerful moves without trading for them.

About the Evolutions:

The legendaries will evolve into their final forms when they reach level 60. All of the Johto starters, Nidoran F and Gengar can evolve further if traded with other versions to learn new moves. Trade them back after evolving for these Pokémon’s battle types are fixed in Storm Silver.

This simply turns the item needed for evolution, evolutions happening at level 36 and 37 respectively, into the more player-friendly levels of 60 and 61. The only thing I’ll say about this is that it’s not one of my best works as far in hacking terms – but it still a good game!

Route 32:

Route 32 is a Pokemon Storm Silver map that has been through a lot of changes since the release in late 2016.

The original version had no one, which was problematic as there were not any trainers to battle on Route 32. The current version features partnered trainers who can be battled after all 16 badges are obtained and features trainer dialogue with Pokemon Storm characters!

Route 32 is also one of two maps where you must defeat your rival team before being able to challenge the Pokemon League’s Elite Four members: Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha and Lance – these battles have more difficult difficulty spikes than their previous counterparts because they now only require six Pokémon instead of eight like in Pokemon Emerald. This makes it so much harder for players without many high level Pokemon.

Important things to do on Route 32 are given below:

  • Pass by the Pokemon Center
  • Head west to Route 33 and defeat all of your rivals before challenging them in a Pokemon League Elite Four.

Now that you know what’s up on Route 32, go explore! There are tons of great Pokemon Storm Silver goodies for Pokemon trainers out there. You’ll notice new towns have been added, old ones updated, wild pokemon distributions tweaked and many other things not present from the original game.

Sprout Tower:

Sprout Tower is a Pokemon Storm Silver dungeon. It is the first Tower in the game and it features a Pokemon battle with an Ace Trainer, as well as two puzzles: one which requires you to push boulders onto a switch that opens up another level of the tower; and another where you have to find four switches on opposite sides of the room to unlock a door.

Pokemon Storm Silver dungeons are always named after plants or trees for some reason I can’t figure out but this specific one was called Sprout Tower because…well, it’s sprouting!

There were three levels inside that we had to get through before fighting against Swampert at its peak. The lower levels featured mostly trainers who would either heal your team or just attack them.

Important things to do in Sprout Tower are given below:

  • Push boulders onto switches to open up different levels of the tower.
  • Find four switches on opposite sides of a room that will unlock doors and allow you to continue through the dungeon.
  • Pokemon Storm Silver battle with an Ace Trainer, as well as two puzzles: one which requires you to push boulders onto a switch that opens up another level of the tower; and another where you have to find four switches on opposite sides of the room to unlock a door.
  • Defeat Swampert at its peak!
  • This Pokemon storm silver guide is about how we got past Floor three out of five floors inside Sprout Tower – it would be good

Violet City:

Violet City is a Pokemon Storm Silver city. Violet City is in the northeast region of Johto.  It became a Pokemon League Division One City after completing its renovations and rebuilding plan following being destroyed by Team Rocket in Pokemon Storm Gold Version. The new buildings are all constructed with solid concrete to withstand any future attacks from enemies (Pokemon).

It has an airport that can be used for flight connections to other Pokemon Leagues, but it does not have flights into or out of Johto’s airspace as this would endanger Hoenn if another war broke out there during their reconstruction process.

There is also a railway station which connects Violet city with both Saffron City and Goldenrod City on Route 36; passengers travelling between Kanto.

Important things to do in Violet City are given below:

  • Pokemon Gym: Complete the gym challenge and earn your first badge!
  • Pokemon Center: Heal injured Pokemon, stock up on supplies or buy items from Pokemart.  Visit the Trainers’ School to learn how to battle Pokemon better.
  • Rainbow Tower: Enter this building for a chance of catching Hoenn’s legendary Pokémon Rayquaza with an ultra ball if you have completed all four Johto badges. This is also where players can access Mewtwo after they complete their quest in Kanto region.

There are other things that players looking at doing like exploring the Safari Zone which has both Rock type Pokemon as well as Fire type Pokemon and then there is Mt Silver which many trainers come here wanting to catch rare pokemon.

Dark Cave:

Dark Cave is an important location in pokemon storm silver. Dark Cave is where Darkrai waits for your arrival. It’s also the location of some other dark pokemon such as Umbreon and Murkrow.

You can access Dark Cave from Route 31. Dark Cave is a deep cave with a navigational maze. The Dark Cave somehow emits an evil aura that will warp you back to the entrance if you stray too far from the path and your Pokemon’s health starts get low.

The Darkrai event in pokemon storm silver occurs just past Dark Cave. Darkrai awaits for your arrival at only spot on Route 31 where there are stairs leading up into the sky, but it doesn’t seem like he wants to battle…

Cool Changes in Pokemon Storm Silver:

Below are some changes done in Storm Silver Version; I’ve left some of the changes in place from previous versions.

  •  Increased difficulty curve to make things more interesting
  •  Added ability for players to rechallenge Gym Leaders and Elite Four members
  •  Added a new area called “Dark Mountain” which contains Dark type Pokémon, trainers with dark types on their team etcetera
  •  Modified Silver Cave so it is easier to navigate (mostly because people got stuck) but also has an added story line where you can find out about what happened inside after Red’s battle against Giovanni
  • Changed Poke Marts: increased prices; decreased number of items sold per day; makes Pokéball available every morning at all Poke Marts instead of one location downtown only.

List of Some Amazing Features in the Pokemon Storm Silver Version Download:

  • Have a different storyline.
  • Now you can trade in the game.
  • Amazing graphics make the game more perfect.
  • Cloyster siege in Fuchsia City.
  • A wide variety of scripted events.
  • The numbers of Gym Leaders are also now much easier to get.
  • Goldenrod Game Corner.
  • Elite Four members etcetera all use six Pokémon in each fight.

Download Pokemon Storm Silver Version Full Free Now:

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