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Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine is a rom hack of Pokemon Fire Red by Oscar which is available in English as well in Spanish Language. The last updated of the game is released on January 2018. An Interesting storyline of a man who is a Pokemon Expert who had a family back in the days and have two children. So this is actually a game, a rom hack that has mega evolutions of many pokemon. We can gonna be seeing like foreign games. You want to be seeing more English games. That is understandable. Let’s move forward and explore some hidden features in the game before playing and downloading it.

Game File Info:

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Roe buah conversation what will lileo do blastoise exploring the area

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine ROM:

The story starts from a place where the main lead role is the man who is Pokemon Expert and have experience in catching different pokemon. Catching of pokemon from place to place is his experties, and he does it well. Back in the days, his family was lived in a place where there were some evil organization who destroyed his family. Family consists of two children and they were targeted by the evil organization. One thing to note that the government was also corrupt at that time and they were on one side that’s why he lost his family. Now one thing to note that there are no rewards and heroism in the game finishing, but you want to revenge from your enemies and that’s all. Also, try Pokemon Run 4.6 Download ROM (Working 100%)

Hard Battles with Enemies:

This is a really hard battle man I wish it were alright. I knew what all my moves were about. This is not making it easier. This is making it way harder to do between this. Well, I don’t think we can win this battle without knowing what these moves are. So I will probably wait until we do like a stream or something with this game, if you guys want that, of course, so drop that like to what and a Malloy. But I wait for them to actually like see how we can win this battle.

It shows us back to the exact same spot, so you have to win this battle. You have to win this battle. Okay, it’s kinda hard, because I don’t understand what the what the attacks are. It’s really hard to know because, like it’s all in Spanish, so it’s impossible like in Pokemon Mega Evolution GBA Download (Working 100%). That’s. Fine come on. We got this, I believe. Let’s, see so first things. First, are he’s? Gon na make a vault that’s? Fine, you’re gonna take them out.

Change Tiles and more:

So you want to make sure you even swap that so now that we have our completely recolored mountainous terrain, you want to click on the eraser and make sure it’s the biggest size, and then you’re. Just gonna get rid of this one and make sure you stay within the black boundaries that are already given for you. So when you’re done doing this, what you want to do is you want to get your old rock? Well, your new rock and drag it within the boundaries of that black square and then just drag it back into the white square that you made earlier now I’ll make sure you get this blue dot and drag it back right to the edge.

Then hit file save so you can close this now so now you want to go to your advanced map and you’re gonna click. The block editor again and this time we’re gonna click picture load. Towel set one and you’re gonna click, your mountain tiles, it’s; gonna click; OK, that’s gonna change here now. In some circumstances, this may not work so if it does or doesn’t like in Pokemon Crystallos Download (Working 100%). This is for explanation ellipses. So I’m gonna click picture and load new box. It’s, taking a while, because camstudio is making this lag, and then it changes all these.

So you’ll notice. There’s, a slight bug here and I usually get that with this kind of rock. So let’s say you do something and you don’t like it and you just don’t like the way it works. You just want to go in. You want to find a different style of rock or a different tile, so I keep a folder with a bunch, so you’re gonna just open that up whoops. This is the wrong one and go to that new tile.

Amazing new features in Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine ROM GBA:

  • Having some new tiles and sprites.
  • Complete new storyline.
  • The stories was highly developed with many side-quests after completing the main game.
  • The main lead characater is pokemon Expert.
  • Gain Pokemon Training.
  • Catch as many pokemon as you can.
  • When the characters speak, their mugshot appears. This is one new thing in this hack.
  • New Physical and Special Split system.
  • Run indoors
  • The Pokedex was customized with all generations.

Download Pokemon Mega Evolution Aquamarine For Free:

Download Here

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