Pokemon Mirage of Tales Download Free (Working 100%)

Pokemon Mirage of Tales is one of the interesting biblical types of game which was released in late 2015. The Pokemon Mirage of Tales Download for GBA is the best ever hack of Fire Red Rom which is created by Avara. Changes in the storyline as well the main map of the area is now completely new to discover. Certain types of new pokemon make the game more interesting to play and complete different types of missions. The main player has to move from one place to another and discover different new places in the area. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting changes and facts about the game.

Basic Game Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Mirage of Tales Version
  • Creator: Avara
  • Platform: GBA
  • A remake of Fire Red ROM

Snapshots of the Gameplay:


players in the game of mirage of tales

the players movements

players in the game of mirage of tales

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Mirage of Tales Download:

As the game starts there are many adventures in the area which should be covered while making sure that you can complete almost all the missions. Are you a fan of Biblical Heroes, whom we have seen them in many games as well in the movies. Now this time, you will discover and experience the gameplay exactly similar to their lifestyles. Many new members in the teams have been included in almost every team that you will soon join in the game. The entire storyline basically comes up with the twist of the biblical stories. Also, try Pokemon Light Platinum DS Version.

Actually, the game was released in the early 2015 and includes almost all the pokemon characters which was found in the previous version as well. Many pokemon fire red hacks contain different types of missions and areas, which is now part of the game as well. The starters pokemon are also different from the previous game and you will experience different kind of experiences with them because they have a certain kind of characteristics and abilities. Get Pokemon Blaze Black ROM Download For Free.

Whenever you have to choose any starter pokemon you can choose from three of them. Like you can choose from  Kala, Evandor, and Zhafira, which are the amazing characters. They will have different types of abilities and characteristics. Amazing new pokemon has been included in the teams which is quite a new feature of the game. Also, there is a financial chamber in the game which can be really helpful for you for fulfilling all of your financial needs and the missions.

Alignment System:

One of the interesting feature of the game which is quite different from other games and hacks of fire red as well. Now in Mirage of tales pokemon game, you will have the opportunity of making different types of alignments for all the characters in the game. Most interestingly, you will have to make sure that these types of features are suitable for your gameplay experience as well.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Mirage of Tales Download:

  • Having a different storyline.
  • Many new pokemon in the game.
  • Amazing new alignment system.
  • Maps have been updated.
  • New Moves and Movesets.
  • Having Strategy map and financial chamber.

Download Pokemon Mirage of Tales GBA Version for Free Now:

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