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Get the Pokemon Resolute Download Version for free from Pokemonlog.com, having quite an impressive storyline. There are several features and updates present in Pokemon Resolute GBA Version Game, which make it so special game in Pokemon games. As we know that this game has been created by the 1158 and one of the most interesting remakes of Pokemon Emerald Game. The complete 100% working download link is given at the end of this review. Please bear with us to provide you the working link for downloading the complete version and contact us if any link is not working.

pokemon resolute

Basic Info About Pokemon Resolute Version Game:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Resolute
  • Creator: 1158
  • A remake of Pokemon Emerald
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Snapshots of Pokemon Resolute Version GBA:

pokemon resolute gba version

pokemon resolute game

pokemon resolute download

pokemon resolute download gba

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Resolute Game download:

The game consists of the interesting storyline in which the main character is playing the role of a Trainer. The trainer name is Logan and sometimes name as Alm. The main task of the trainer is to train a different character in the area where you are living.  Also, the main area is name as Cedar City which is present in the Sylon, where most inhabitants are living alongside with you. You have to discover the area fully. Also download Pokemon Rusty ROM For Free

As the main character is in the Cedar City, suddenly called by Professor Avery orders you to come to his lab for the urgent meeting.  Remember that Professor is the only person who can order you anytime in this area. He will be guiding you all the way on your journey.

During the Journey to Professor’s Lab:

As the Professor calls you in the lab, the main character task is to get into the lab. While getting there, you find that Team Mirage in the nearby area. This team is one of the biggest team in the area who is responsible for all the work going on in the area. This team once broke down 1 year ago in Tyron is trying to make a comeback into its original form.

You as the main character and trainer in the area have to find the reason for a broken team. Also, while passing through them they declare that they’ll start a “reform”. Now one of the big confusion raised which is the Word “Reform”.  This is one of the core reason and mission of the game to discover the meaning of reform in their sense.  In the end, the player is able to find the answer that what the reform means.

About the Battle System:

Talking about the battle system in the game, you will be amaze by some amazing realistic effects in the battles. There is mainly two battle which you have to complete while moving to the upper levels. All the enemies are present to be prepare against a battle with you. New 3D Elements are present which increases the interest of the player to play the game with more concentration. You can also try Pokemon Victory Fire OR Pokemon Sienna

City Discover:

Most of the places in the city are new and you have to discover it well after the game launches. As you will be directed to the Professor to visit some places in the game, so keep calm and listen to him. Some places are really designed well by all the graphics designers. As this is the final edition which you can download and install on your system.

Amazing Features of Pokemon Resolute GBA:

  • Different beautiful areas.
  • Some new tiles
  • Great UI and Graphics.
  • About 3 Regions  Tyron, Johto, and Sylon.
  • Different type of new music.
  • New Battle Backgrounds.
  • Pokemon characters from Gen 4, 5 and 6 are present.
  • New characters are present in the game.
  • Mega Evolutions can be done

Download Pokemon Resolute GBA Full Edition for Free:

For Downloading the game, please make sure that you click the download link given below. You will be transferred to the safe page where the 100% Working link will be present. From there you can simply download and enjoy the game. However, if you face any difficulty in playing and downloading the game, please feel free to contact us.

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