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Get the Pokemon Rusty ROM for free from Pokemonlog.com, in full and final version, 100% working download Link. Pokemon Rusty has a new Storyline which has different new characters and area. This is also one of the best and most played hack of Pokemon FireRed Version. Play the game as starter pokemon and your Father will guide you in the game. As the game starts both your parents will give you some advice.

pokemon rusty

File Information about Pokemon Rusty ROM:

File Name: Pokemon Rusty

Hack of: Fire Red

Year: 2015

Region: Beige Town

Pokemon Rusty ROM Version Snapshots:

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pokemon rusty rom

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Pokemon Rusty Storyline and Walkthrough:

The main character is a young trainer of your region. The Storyline is so funny and awesome, that the main character of the game is training different pokemon characters. There is a lot of suspense in the game as the game starts. The Region which is given to you in the game is Beige Town, which contains all the characters which are new and old from the previous roms.

The main character which is a starter pokemon is a type of null and lazy character. All the time, he misses something and cannot complete all the tasks. The tasks and missions assign to him cannot be accomplished on time. That’s why his name is Rusty. By the way, he is very stupid like in Pokemon Y.

Walkthrough of the Area:

While you are in the Beige Town, complete all the missions assigned to you. You have to train the basic pokemons and fakemons in the area. Other characters as well other Pokemon for better performance in the game. Map of the region is also updated and can be viewed from any angle. Some hidden places are outlined on the map as well.

Features of the main Rusty Character:

The main character has a very interesting body shape. Having black Eyes. Hair is the brownish type but you can change the color easily. You are wearing glasses in the game.  While you are in the region, you have to use the dogs as helping characters to find the Pokemon who are throwing the Rocks constantly in the region. Some Fakemons can be used for tasks to complete like in Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter.

Gyms and Stadium:

Some gyms owners are going to give you orders. They will be assigning different tasks to complete. New stadiums and Gyms are present in the new version of pokemon Rusty rom. You have to meet several times with the Gym Center to make sure that everything is alright. While Accomplishing their missions you can get help from the pokemons and fakemons also. Go and order them to complete some of the missions. Get some really great bonuses, which ultimately cause the winning of the game.

The Battle System Updates:

The Levels in the game are increased and the battle system updates now. Having lot’s of new features, your enemy is right in front of you. While on traveling you will meet some new friends in the area. Some of them can be used for the battle to defeat the evil. They are above 60 Levels in the game like in Pokemon Gaia.

Other Changes made:

You can gain the intelligence from the friends. You can find your best friends in the area while moving here and there. Pokedex is also update in the game You can use the Pokedex as a reference as well. The Pokecenter is new from the previous version and now you can access very easily. The inhabitants are rude to you because everywhere you go you make some mistakes which ultimately can cause some disaster.

One of the best team in the area is of Team Rocket. They have some serious players and can help you a lot. You are going to join their team to complete the pending missions in the area. While Moving in the area, with Team Rocket, you can find different pokeballs as well. You have to take some revenge from the enemies, who are the killers of your family as well.

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Rusty ROM:

  • Amazing UI and Graphics.
  • Lazy and Stupid Pokemon
  • Young Trainer role.
  • Team Rocket has the best players.
  • Some pokemons are against you.
  • Rusty Features are present.
  • Some Dogs are there for help
  • Fakemons are present.
  • About 60 different levels.
  • You have to catch the Pokemons.
  • Rusty Dad and Rusty Mother are present in the game.
  • Get Tips from Professor Oak.
  • Gameplay is smooth.

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