Pokemon Xenoverse Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Xenoverse is a special pokemon rom hack made in the RPG maker XP. The idea of this hack is to have Pokemon and areas that are never seen before, so you will not get bored playing it. This game has tons of features like new pokemon, items and areas which makes it a great experience for everyone who loves RPGs games. It’s still on alpha but its potential can be amazing.

Having So many new Pokemon and areas to explore . Pokémon Xenoverse has been created with input from over 100 people who have made their own additions or changes to the title throughout development so far , including other developers. The content included in the game are: -New maps with new places to explore; -A lot of new Pokémon from Gen II onwards; -More than 600 items including TMs. Finding a father who has mysteriously disappeared into thin air is complicated by much more than that .

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Xenoverse
  • Author Name: WEEDle
  • Release Year: 2016
  • Platform: RPG Maker XP
  • Language: Italian

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Xenoverse Download:

Below is the complete step by step walkthrough of the Pokemon Xenoverse Game. The player starts out in a small town with a working NPC. They are introduced to the protagonist and their partner Pokemon which they will be using throughout the game. Also, try Pokemon Perla Download (Working 100%)

From there, players are tasked with talking to all of the NPCs around town to find clues about where Professor Oak could have gone. This is done by trial and error as it’s not immediately apparent who has information that you might need or what clue you’re looking for at first glance. Asking every available person usually provides some useful feedback so don’t forget! Players also have access to various shops on this street including an item shop and Poke Marts (one selling items like healing potions while another sells smaller pieces).

Once enough progress is made you will meet the Professor or and he will provide you with a starter Pokemon. From there, players have to collect the remaining three starters from their respective evolutionary lines before they are able to face off against Team Rocket- who has taken over the Radio Tower in order to broadcast messages of anarchy.

Players may also be required to find a key or two for these areas as well so look around! This is usually done by talking to people when needed. Also, try Pokemon Titanium Download (Working 100%)

Map System:

A map system that allows players not only walk but run across town quickly, making it easier than ever before to travel between locations on foot. Maps can vary depending on location type such as forest paths or towns – Plenty of new moves including Fairy Dance which sends all enemies’ attacks

One of the new features in Pokemon Xenoverse that players will enjoy is a map system which allows them to not only walk but run across town quickly. Maps can vary depending on location type such as forest paths or towns, making it easier than ever before for players to travel around this game. Plenty of new moves have also been included including Fairy Dance – sending all enemy’s attacks and more!

New maps with new places to explore:

A lot of new Pokémon from Gen II onwards and more than 600 items including TMs. All these features make Pokemon Xenoverse a great experience for everyone who love RPGs games. It’s still on alpha but its potential can be amazing. Also, try Pokemon Blast Burn Download (Working 100%)

But what if he has disappeared into thin air? The search is complicated by much more than that, as the player will find out when they come across many obstacles in their way of finding him.

The game will have an average length (20 hours). However, it could increase or decrease depending on how the player plays the game.”

Characters in the Game:

There are certain characters name as Kay, Alice and Trey who you may meet throughout your journey through Pokemon-Xenoverse!

Kay: Kay is a fan of Pokemon who meets up with Alice and Trey to explore the world. He admires Pokemon that have been created based on myths and legends, as well as those which can fly in space. The story follows his journey through this new region called “Unova.”

Alice: A young girl from Unova who has left her hometown for the first time on an adventure with her friends – including Kay. She’s always loved exploring caves, so she joins Kay in search of ruins hidden deep underground.

Trey : An expert explorer who lends advice to Shay during their travels throughout Unova; he specializes in exploration by airship because of his fearlessness when it comes to heights! His motto is “Know.


Versil is a character who is playing the role of your father in Pokemon Xenoverse. He is the first person you meet after being introduced to your hero and meeting your starter pokémon at Professor Sycamore’s lab, as he gives you a tour of Unova from his airship.

No matter where I go, people always want me to share my thoughts on what makes life worth living with them… It feels like no one has their own answer these days! He admires pokemon that have been created based on myths and legends, as well as those which can fly in space. The story follows his journey through this new region called “Unova.”


Aster is another character in Pokemon Xenoverse. He is the son of Professor Sycamore, and he was exploring Mt. Coronet when you first meet him as a strange-looking creature called an “ancient Pokémon.”

He shares his father’s curiosity about ancient things such as fossils or ruins, but it seems that this interest in mysteries has caused some friction with other residents of Nuvema Town.

Aster admires pokemon that are considered to be among Unova’s most powerful legendaries for their strength and power, including Palkia and Dialga which represent space and time respectively. The story follows Aster on his journey through these new regions called “Unova” .

When you first meet Aster, he is studying Pokémon fossils at Mt. Coronet with his father Professor Sycamore when a strange-looking creature known as an “ancient Pokémon” appears to him and steals a set of Plates from the professor’s bag before running off into the distance.

He later meets up with Alder who tells him that Team Plasma was responsible for stealing the plates which could be used in creating something called Groudon which would cause calamity throughout Unova if it were released. This all leads up to your final battle against N where you fight alongside both Gold and Silver against this unknown Pokemon player during their attempt to stop Team Plasma while they try to release Kyogre on New Island .


The Languages which are available in this game is Italian and English. No other language is available in this video game. The languages which are available in this Pokemon Xenoverse is Italian and English, no other language is avaiable to play the game.

Pokemon games have been popular for years now and there are many different ways one can enjoy them from console play to handhelds. One type of Pokemon experience has been made more accessible than ever before through RPGs on PC engines like Unity or RPG Maker XP

Graphics and Sound:

As for the graphics and sound, they’re in line with what one would expect from Nintendo’s handheld system and thus are not anything special but still well enough to make this game worth playing at least once. If you’re a Pokemon fan who always has trouble finding games that are worthy of your time then here is an excellent game that you should download as the music and sound system is really good as well. Also, try Pokemon Cursed Black Download (Working 100%)

If you’ve finished the first Pokemon games and are looking for a new challenge, then this game might just be perfect for you! This is an excellent game that will appeal to both adults and children alike – it’s one of those rare gems in which everyone can enjoy themselves. If need some more convincing before downloading, please read on about all its features below!

Pokémon Xenoverse starters:

The game contains starters from all previous generations, from Kanto to Kalos.

*Bulbasaur (Kanto)

*Charmander (Kanto)

*Squirtle (Kanto)




If you are a Pokemon fan who wants to play through the whole game with just one starter then this is possible as well – it will take longer and make things more difficult for your chosen Pokémon but at least there’s always an option!


Is Pokemon Xenoverse real?

Yes, it is a real game.

It is still in the alpha stage, but it has a lot of potential to be fun and enjoyable for all players – even if you are not into Pokemon at all!

Is Pokemon Xenoverse in English?

Yes, it is available in English Language.

Does Pokemon Xenoverse have mega evolutions?

After two years, yes , Pokemon Xenoverse has mega evolutions available in-game.

Where can I find Eevee in Xenoverse?

You can find Eevee in a cave near Lumiose City.

Is Pokemon X on Nintendo Switch?

No, this title is not currently available for the Nintedo Switch platform. It can only be played on a PC or Mac with Windows Vista and higher operating system versions using an emulator such as Citra.

Is Pokemon Xenoverse for boys?

It is not just a game made for boys. There are female trainers in the game, so it’s up to you! You can either play as a boy or girl trainer (but be aware that there will be some differences). It never hurts to try something new and different – even if it ‘s still an alpha version of the game.

Is Pokemon Xenoverse free?

Yes, it’s completely free. There is no cost involved with downloading or playing this game whatsoever.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

what will eren do exploring the area welcome to the trainer

Some Amazing new Features in Pokemon Xenoverse Download:

Below is the list of all amazing features that Pokemon Xenoverse game has to offer:

  •  All new areas and more than 500 different Pokemon.
  •  An Exciting Storyline with a lot of potential!
  • A wonderful soundtrack that really sets the mood for every scene in this game.
  • Customisable Parties, which are very important when you’re trying to complete your journey through Kanto as quickly or slowly as possible.
  • This is one of those games where you can take all day if you want without worrying about any time restraints!

Download Pokemon Xenoverse For Free:

Download Here

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