Pokemon Titanium Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Titanium Version is a pokemon game that is based on FireRed Game by Red_Reaper. Having a new region and entirely new gameplay makes the game unique among all the FireRed hacks. Its storyline starts from the end of Blast Burn Pokemon Game when the main character Red/Leaf went to Nawe Region and they were defeated. They were defeated in a pokemon battle. Actually, the main character and his friend Lucario is out on a mission to find out the person who defeated you in the battle. Several new graphics and animations are part of the game. Let’s move forward and explore some amazing features available in the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Titanium
  • Remake By: Red_Reaper
  • Remake From: FireRed
  • Platform: GBA
  • Language: English.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Titanium GBA:

A Complete new region and story begins from the continuation of Pokemon Blast Burn ROM, in which the main player and his friend were defeated. Find out some amazing pokemon in the region and explore the area. Several new areas has been added in the game which makes it amazing. Day and night system is perfect and has a better rival system as well. We are At the top of the forest that is a new forest. And let’s enter in another forest. So this is the entrance of another forest and I used the cheat code walk-through walls. Which is very helpful in playing these games and it becomes easy to play now. One question is in your mind is that what is the meaning of playing if you use cheat code. It is very useful and helpful for us. So I committed you to use this cheat code. You can see here you can see here a karate man he have a Combusken of level 20 and my Pokemon is of level 7.

Lucario and froakie’s assault seven-level so it is better to not fight with him. So let’s go to the Moscow City and let’s go to the entrance. Here’s a guy up there is the Moscow City. So let’s go to the mosque are it sounds great. So let’s go to the Mosca and here’s we found Moscow City. So first what the sorry for that and in this city because we are not able to enter in any anyhow of what even Pokemon Center not here right now. So what should I do here. Let’s check there is no legs pokemon is spread out in a deep and comfortable. I can go through here no problem there’s nobody we already cannot let you just but I can go through this way.

About the Pokeballs:

I don’t have any pokeballs, so this isn’t legally not going to go there. So I would like to tell you that there is nothing in that what the city Mosca city. Let’s go into a route to and check out what is in route 2. So here’s a Pokeball that is paralyzing and what is that a football crown. I have no worked here so let’s go into pewter city. So finally we are in pewter city and here and a Pokemon will come. If we eat has a status problem slip poison butterflies toads or LF active. Pokemon learn new technique is the key oh but some moves must be taught them by people. So welcome you to in pewter city and let’s check out what is this words. Do you know what I’m doing? You know and spring your Apple to keep wise Pokemon out of my garden off. Also, try Pokemon Blast Burn Download (Working 100%)

So this is pewter town and it’s another little check out the museum. It’s a little you have to go but I don’t want you have to put to get I have trick. I don’t have to pay. Let’s see first go there then if you want nugget then you have to talk to this scientist. I need to share a secret with someone I think that this junk of amber contains some gain a Pokemon in it would be shattering scientific break. If Pokemon could be very sort resurrected from it but mine college is a signal what I have to say so I have a favor to ask. I want you to get this examined at pokémon lab somewhere. I received the old amber and I think have eat having a reptile and so no come again like in Pokemon Cursed Black Download (Working 100%).

Pokemon Center:

Going to Pokemon Center to lean my pokemons is this an aside. Welcome to Pokemon Center, no it is you know what nurse. Let’s check out other people. There aren’t many serious for trailers. They are like both cases you know just but pewter Brock isn’t like that not one bit yeah. I know Brock is the rock type okay yeah Rock a pokemon. I would like to frock it in front and then let’s get into it. I’m going to you center for some reason you will glad to know about this with. I’m not talking about this I would like to say that I used another cheat code. That is rare candy so I just pick some of them item storage withdrawal done so here’s red candy. Also, try Pokemon Fire Red Omega Download (Working 100%)

So I will draw some of them okay and I also recommend you to use these cheat codes. Because these are very useful for you and me too and then another cheat code is used. That is masterball and here’s the best ball with the ultimate performance. It will catch any why pokemon without fail so here’s zip code of master ball. So and we used it so first of all I brought a ball. I brought 30 master balls and now I have three master balls. Let’s go to the gym for a challenging bro so here we enter in a gym. I don’t want to fight with these trainers I directly want to fight with Brock that’s why I come from this way. Our latest of the game first of all I would like to give welcome you to my pokemon for better person for better performance.

There will become up and I would win easily so what opposed so exactly wanted and instead of found the ball pick attack or found. I want what apples one more and then use where Canyon Lucario. My look on you want to find attacked instead of this I delete the news counter and Fanta. My both Pokemon are off of 15 level so let’s battle with the draw my rocker will power evident even my Pokemon. Pokemon rock hard and have to keep due to mission that’s right mood my Pokemon all the rock type. You are going to challenge me with me knowing that you loss this does not that compels you to challenge me. Also, try Pokemon Marble Download (Working 100%)

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

audino vs frogadier conversation with others i love bugs main player in the game

Some Amazing new Features in Pokemon Titanium GBA:

  • A new area and plot.
  • Pokemon can be catchable.
  • Some new rivals and enemies.
  • Story is completely new.
  • Fight and battle system is good.
  • New Graphics and animations.
  • Day and night system.
  • Secret Grotto
  • Amazing new sprites and tiles.
  • Shiny Pokemon are easier to encounter.
  • Sound System is enhanced.

Download Pokemon Titanium GBA For Free:

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