Pokemon Blast Burn Download 2020 (v4.4 Completed)

Pokemon Blast Burn is a special pokemon remake game of FireRed by Nice-kun. Having the same storyline as FireRed but some changes have been done in various functionalities. New Rivals and Events that will be connected to the story of Pokemon Titanium Version. Having some new pokemon that can be catchable and have an improved AI system. Download the Pokemon Blast Burn GBA Game for free in which you will see some new abilities and moves. Having a new day and night system which makes the game more challenging for you. Let’s dive in and explore some amazing features in the game before downloading it.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Blast Burn
  • Platform: GBA
  • Language: English
  • Remake By: Nice-kun
  • Remake From: FireRed.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Blast Burn GBA Download:

Gen 1-7 pokemon makes the game interesting because they all will have different abilities to use for several purposes. Some special new pokemon are also present including all the legendary pokemon. Catch all of them within the game and you have missions in pending. It’s basically the same as fire red but lots more Pokemon. More areas much tougher battles that are going to be a very big thing. So let’s start this entire process. I’ll explain on the way while we head over to Oaks I office. Every Gym is going to up six Pokemon and every gym is going through much more difficult than you’re used too. Because not only do they have six Pokemon but the AI is going to be a little bit better than normal. They’re not just gonna cast a leer on you three times in a row or growl on you three times in a row.

They’re actually going to use counter moves to what you have that parent lates going to much more difficult. Also, I’ve only heard this haven’t seen it. But once you get closer to like Viridian Forest. Stuff like you’re going to be facing butter freeze like really early on the game.You might be facing caterpie’s and wheels the trainers you face are going to have like butter fries and beedrills with good mousse. Apparently going to be quite challenging but back to the game here Gramps I’m filled with waiting for Gary. Let me think oh that’s right I told you to come just wait here Nero. There are three Pokemon here huh I love how there was a random.

About Pokemon and Pokeballs:

The Pokemon are held inside these pokeballs somehow I was young. A serious pokemon trainer but now in my old age. I have only these three left I need to slow things down here. I’ve read through this stuff countless times in my life that I just I know it. All by heart pretty much you can have one go on choose. About me be patient Gary you can have one too. If you play through firered before or leaf green or pokemon red or blue or yellow you’d know what pokemon should be. On this table but keep in mind we are playing a modded version of the game. And yes the starters have indeed changed so our first choice is going to be Magby. The baby version of magmar that is he first choice we have that as a fire-type we could choose the second choice Smoochum. Also, download Pokemon Obsidian Black Download (100% Working)

If you’re wondering what happened to Balbus or Squirtle and Charmander apparently. You can still obtain them from people out in the world. So I don’t know where you can obtain them again. This is a blind playthrough but apparently like hypothetically if you go to cerulean city. There will be a woman there and if you talk to that woman she will give you squirtle same is true for Charmander. Same thing is going to be true a Bulbasaur apparently that’s why read online. I don’t plan to actually get any of them I played to in this playthrough play with Pokemon day. I’m not used to having really whatsoever I think that’s going to make this much more interesting. I have some ideas as to who I would like to take though. I don’t want to spoil anything but I would like to hear what Pokemon do you think I should go for.

Teams and Catching pokemon:

How should I round out this team here again I have some ideas of course I’m always interested to hear. What you guys think but the only Pokemon so far that we’re guaranteed to have would be elekid. I like the buzz and let’s hear what you guys think about my overlay as well most Pokemon games are good. They’re made better with an overlay but overlays are kind of messy sometimes. So you want the game to be fullscreen like. I have right here then things can get kind of messy when it comes to having a battle like I can put the overlay in the bag itself it looks kind of odd. I definitely plan to add the overlay or level six already and we learnt thundershock awesome. I was actually very surprised it’s a research going into this I thought that electabuzz. Also, download Pokemon Marble Download (Working 100%)

Electabuzz was going to be a physical attacker. But he’s actually a special attacker who knew it’s again. I’m playing with Pokemon I don’t really know how to play with very much. There’s definitely going to be to overlay when we’re outside the battle. That’s definitely going to be a thing there you guys see it right there. I think it looks pretty good don’t you know like what Pokemon. I have where they are in terms of their evolution stage and stuff like that but yeah. I think it’s pretty neat but of course I’m always open to feedback you guys want me to change DUP I should put in a different place.

Start your Journey:

It is time to get our Pokemon journey underway. Here we’re heading up to Viridian city. We’re going to grab old Oaks parcel and hopefully we run to some culpo quad. Here in route 1 now traditionally we have piggies and rata titles. Stuff like that but apparently there are some different ones that are going to be hearing that’s certainly different goodness. On route 1 that makes no freakin sense but despite its lack of wings it’s still a flying type. I believe there we go super effective one-hit kills I’ll take it. I’ll take that all day and night we’re going to love love play crazy here though elekid is going to struggle at the first gym. He definitely is so I have to come up with some sort of a strategy some sort of an idea to get me past Brock’s gym. Keep in mind we do have all the way up to generation three in this game. Also, download Pokemon Cursed Download (Working 100%)

I think I’m going to be going with only generation one Pokemon. Because true and true I am a gen Wonder and it’s because I grew up with it right. I mean I was around nearly 20 years ago when Pokemon first became a thing in the United States and I love the generation 1 Pokemon. That’s why I played through games like firered and LeafGreen I play pokemon red blue and yellow it’s because I love the Kanto region. Technically a generation 1 Pokemon but it follows into a generation 1 Pokemon. So I’m ok with that plays a very interesting Pokemon there right at the very beginning. They level up a little bit more because there’s going to be a trainer battle over here. But we need to check out this area here that will take us over towards where the pokemon league is because there’s patches of grass. Here in the original game, you could find man keys here which make it was always a pretty good Pokemon.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

pokemon skills chart calm nature met in route 11 known moves player in the main area

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Blast Burn GBA:

  • Having a new area and plot.
  • Several new pokemon and pokedex.
  • Gen 1 to 7 Pokemon.
  • Gen 6 EXP system
  • Exp Gain from catching Pokemon
  • Animations of battle scenes.
  • In-battle mega evolution
  • Amazing new graphics.
  • Ultra Wormholes
  • New collection of pokeballs.
  • Poison survival

Download Pokemon Blast Burn For Free:

Download Here