Pokemon Cursed Black Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Cursed Black is a special pokemon rom hack for RMXP by Reidd Maxwell. Special new features like the new moves and battle effects makes the game more amazing. The main character has to play the role of a trainer and make the pokemon train on time. Pokemon Cursed Black Download has a new area and the whole gameplay has been enhanced and renewed as well. About 300 new pokemon are part of the game which makes the pokedex more complex. Graphics of the game are extra ordinary and have some new animations of moves and battles as well. Let’s move forward and explore some amazing features that the game contains.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Cursed Black.
  • Remake By: Reidd Maxwell
  • Platform: RPG Maker XP.
  • Version: Demo 1.0
  • Release Year: 2015

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Cursed Black RPG Game:

With over 300 new pokemon, the entire gameplay has been made enhanced from the previous rpg games you have played. Being a young trainer in the area, the dreams are bigger this time. So you go to the dream yard with Bianca and you find Team Plasma brutalizing a pokémon called muna. Trying to get the dream mists for themselves let kick in the out of this thing like a Team Rocket member. After you scare them off muna leaves with its mother and marshana and leaves you with the dream miss what a touching moment now you’re oft in the cream city. Screw the Pokedex let’s become champion there’s a few quick shenanigans with Team Plasma on the way but nothing too special so the next gym is at the back of the museum.

On the way in and pops up again what a weirdo what the hell I just fought him like 20 minutes ago. Who the hell actually poses like that now he’s all butthurt and wants to capture a legendary Pokemon. Do his bidding which again completely contradicts what he just said earlier once you get to the gym you gotta read books to solve questions. To get to the gym leader bullring the gym leader Leonora uses normal type Pokemon once you beat her you get the basic badge. It’s funny how basic has become a derogatory term now after givin Leonora a five-fingered facepalm some crap goes down in the museum. Team Plasma runs off with a giant school guess who’s got to recover the school Jackie Chan cuz he’s an archeologist.

Exploring the Important Places in this area:

After you go across a ginormous bridge you arrive at Castelli a city isn’t it beautiful. This is where the third gym is they used bunk type Pokemon here once you get inside. You got to run through some honey web trap thingies once you beat hamburger. Get the third badge you head up north through a sandstorm to get to NIM basa City in this gym. You got a ride through some weird cyber rollercoaster things to get to the gym later. I guess that’s better than gym before this gyms leader is Alisa she’s an electric-type user who just sits on her ass all day. Now that you’ve collected your fourth badge you leave and bump into some family drama between Bianca and her father he follow her all the way here just to drag her home.

When a model talks to him he immediately gives in after that’s tooken care of Sharon tries to fight you out of nowhere. Once that’s done Alisa helps you and Sharon by having the drawbridge lowered so you can travel to drift fail city. Another random long bridge as soon as you get there clay the gyms leader pretty much makes you hunt down. Team Plasma so you got to go into this cold a storage facility and find them they’re all huddled up in a little storage unit. Trying to stay hidden why the hell would they choose to hide there you have to battle like five of them. Also, try Pokemon Obsidian Black

They’re all taken away just to get bailed out by their boss five minutes later what a waste of time now you’re in clays gym. He uses ground sight Pokemon you have to work your way all the way down to the core of earth. Just to fight him once you win you get the quake badge that’s better than the basic badge clay wants to meet you on route 6. After you beat him so you head over there and he has his krookodile remove some Electric web. Why can’t my krookodile do that as soon as you get into Church through the cave this happens what the he was literally only five steps away from me. I was ruining on my way to talk to this why the hell did these white headed to escort me we brought you the one you wanted you probably already saw me do you really need these to drag me.

About Music and other Features:

The music in this game is a candidate for my most favorite music in any Pokemon game. But my all-time favorite music track is from the third generation Pokemon games. Maybe I’ll talk about more music from Pokemon in the future junichi Masuda. If you’re listening your music kicks ass once you get there you bump into professor junipers father Cedric. He’s with Scylla the city’s gym leader and guess what you can’t fight her yet. She wants to go run off to help some injured wild Pokemon so he follow her up through route 7 to get to celestial tower it’s some tower with a bunch of ghost Pokemon. When you get to the top of the tower Skylar’s there she had already saved the Pokemon and now she’s just up there chillin why couldn’t. Also, try Pokemon Marble Download (Working 100%)

I just wait in the town while she did this she says you might as well ring the bell while you’re up there I guess the sound of the Bell reflects the character of the person who rings it. then Scylla agrees to meet you at her gym so you can finally challenger her once you’re inside you have to hop into cannons and blast yourself across the building to progress the leader. Seriously and they have insurance for this look you smack right into the wall once you get to Scylla the flying Pokemon leader you fight her and get yourself the jet badge. Once you finished with the badge you leave the gym and oh not this creep again he talks about how he grew up with Pokemon since he was born but he understands them better than most people he doesn’t understand why your Pokemon like you even though you train them for battle but he has hidden respect for you though because of that. Also, try Pokemon Cursed Download (Working 100%)

On your way to the next city your mother calls to check in on you how nice of Earth you have to go through twist mountain to get to the next city. This place sucks it’s a huge maze where everything looks the same and it’s easy to get lost at the end of the cave you and Charon catch. Some Team Plasma remember now you finally made it through twist Mountain welcome to Icarus city what the hell are they doing. Anyways it’s straight to business with this town we go ahead and enter our seventh gym you slide around the slippery floor that can’t be too safe. Then you slide across jumps that go over bottomless pits who the hell thought this was a good idea I mean I know it’s a game but still imagine explaining you a ten-year-old mother.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

what will pikachu do Diglett and pikachu Enter your name main menu design

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Cursed Black RPG Download:

  • New area and plot.
  • The gameplay is enhanced.
  • Some new Pokemon are added.
  • Pokedex is advanced.
  • The music and sound system is awesome.
  • You will get only one pokemon.
  • Run indoors.
  • Graphics are extraordinary.

Download Pokemon Cursed Black For Free:

Download Here

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