Pokemon Deneb GBA Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Deneb is a wonderful rom hack of Pokemon FireRed for all the GBA Lovers. The story is in the Signet region and have the starters name as Basille, Patroleo, Katuna. Pokemon Deneb, as Pokemon FireRed is a great Pokemon Rom hack with new features and Pokemon. The creator has never stopped updating it till now using the completed version of Pokemon Ruby engine called Pokemon Uranium.

Pokemon Deneb because of its updates have made it one of the top rated Pokemon Rom hacks on the internet. One thing to say about this wonderful rom is that you can play without any cheats or codes and get everything in game by just playing wisely(like in every other good game). Did you played, Pokemon Procyon (Latest Version)

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Deneb
  • Remake of: Pokemon FireRed
  • Platform: GBA
  • Creators: Altair Team

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Deneb GBA:

The story of Pokemon Deneb unlike most ROM Hacks starts from New Bark Town where you are supposed to choose your starter which is totally different from other games. The next place you’ll go to will be Cherrygrove City where you will battle your Rival for the first time. After beating him, you can go to Route 29(which is the Pokemon Way). While on Pokemon Way, you’ll find that Team Rocket has blocked it so you need to find a way to get past them and eventually restore Pokemon Way.

Anyways after restoring Pokemon Way, next stop is Violet City by going through Union Cave which just like Pokemon Ruby’s Union cave has wild Pokemon inside and also an optional puzzle path with Red Gyarados. You’ll then arrive at Violet City and beat the gym leader there who uses Electric Pokemon. To recover Pokemon in PokeCenter of Violet city use this code POKEMONHEAL=118. After Battle frontier ,you can go to the Pokemon League there after defeating Pokemon Deneb’s Pokemon Gym Leader. Also, try Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies

The Battle Frontier is Pokemon Deneb’s main attraction where you get to battle different trainers like Brock, Misty and many more Pokemon Fan favorites. After that, the main Pokemon plot will start which makes it a bit similar to Pokemon Emerald but in a totally different way. But before that process completes, you need to collect 8 badges first from Pokemon Way which include old Route 29(again) and also some other new locations for traveling.

Amazing new Journey:

And then finally when your journey reaches its peak , the game throws at you with Team Dome Boss who uses Ground Pokemon which according to me was very hard compared to all others I have fought till now so make sure your Pokemon are strong enough to handle Pokemon Dome. After Pokemon Dome , you can proceed with the Pokemon main plot which is getting the rare Pokemon named “Aethia” from Team Rocket(they have Aethia).

If Pokemon Deneb was like Pokemon Emerald and making your way through Victory Road had its ups and downs but still it was fun because of all those water Pokemon, it will make your journey harder as its Victory Road’s Route 46 has very high levels on average ranging from 40-50ish which makes it hardly possible for low leveled players to complete(So be prepared). Also, try Pokemon Coral Version.

After a long journey through Victory Road ,you’ll reach Indigo Plateau where Pokemon League Champion Lance awaits you there. After defeating him, next stop will be Pokemon Deneb Pokemon Trainer Dome where Pokemon League Champion will ask you a Pokemon Battle. After defeating him, the game ends and Pokemon Deneb is complete.

In short Pokemon Deneb is an amazing Pokemon Rom with changes and freshness in every corner which makes it Very good to play for all those Pokemon fans out there who are feeling bored of playing Pokemon FireRed or Pokemon Emerald over and over again and want something new.

Tropical Region called Signet:

The game has a new region named Tropical Signet which is made for Pokemon Deneb Pokemon Trainer Dome and Pokemon League Champion Pokemon Battle. This region has Pokemon like Machamp, Shuckle and many more so it will be fun to play especially if you are a Pokemon Fan. Pokemon Deneb Pokemon Dome Pokemon Trainer:

Pokemon Deneb Pokemon Trainer’s Pokemon Dome is the place where Pokemon League Champion will ask you to fight him and after winning, it will be fully open. Pokemon Dome has some amazing Pokemon including many others which are nearly impossible to catch in Pokemon FireRed or Pokemon Emerald because of their levels so gonna be fun beating them. After defeating Pokemon League Champion and unlocking all of its features ,you’ll have an amazing feeling inside you that you beat a ROM Hack game which most players can’t do(trust me I know). Also, try Pokemon Grape Free Download (v1.5 Latest)

Pokemon Deneb Pokemon Trainer Dome:

The main attraction of Pokemon Deneb ROM Hack as i said earlier is Pokemon Trainer Dome where Gym Leader Lance asks you to battle him with your own Pokemon team. Also there you can see all the Pokemon trainers from previous generations(like Misty, Brock ,Maxie etc) battling each other for achievements . If I’m not wrong this may be the first time when such thing happens in any GBA game or Rom hack as far as I know of Pokemon games. Pokemon Way Pokemon League:

It has a region made for Pokemon trainers who are in Pokemon league called Pokemon Way Pokemon League which is the place where you can get your Pokemon Badges . It looks like an old Route 29 with some improved features to make it feel more epic and new. You’ll surely have fun traveling through this new map as there are many stuffs for Pokemon fans to do like beating Gym Leaders and collect badges etc(I forgot what’s that all about haha). Aethia:

Aethia From Team Rocket:

The game has a rare Pokemon named Aethia from Team Rocket which is really very powerful from my observation and I think catching them will be very hard (even with Masterball xD).

After a long journey through Pokemon Deneb Pokemon Trainer Dome and Pokemon Way Pokemon League you’ll reach Pokemon Pokemon League Champion’s Dome where Lance will challenge you to battle with your own Pokedex. He has some very powerful Pokemon like Aethia , Zapdos, Moltres and Arceus so its gonna be really hard especially if he uses cheat codes(I don’t know how to use such things). Also there are many important characters including Gym Leader Misty ,Brock etc who are battling each other for achieving High Ranking in Pokemon League . After defeating Lance & every trainer in the game it ends and you’ll feel like doing it again.

Pokemon Deneb pokedex of the pokemon available exploring the beach area the battle mode in the game

Amazing new Graphics and Animations:

The game has some amazing kind of new graphics. Pokemon and characters look more realistic than before. The Pokemon are very well detailed and have amazing animations. Pokemon like Pokemon Ditto, Pokemon Mewtwo, Pokemon Articuno look very realistic.

Deneb Town and Pokemon Gym:

The game includes Pokemon Deneb as a town where you can go through some important places. The main Pokemon Gym is located on the top of the Pokemon Tower in this region. You will see a lot of interesting new characters while visiting these areas.

Pokemon Evolution and New Pokemon:

You will find lots of Pre-Evolved Pokemon in Pokemon Deneb too! In this game you can enjoy going through all kind of evolutions with their pre-evolved forms together. There are also lots of cool new Pokémon to catch in this game such as Giant Spearow, Mighty Riolu, etc.

Pokemon Deneb features all the Pokemon you have already seen in Pokemon Zeta & Omega Ruby. All the Pokemon are available to catch except some legendary Pokemon like Ho-Oh, Lugia, etc. There is also a new Pokemon called “Ducklett” which has amazing animations and can help you in battles. It will make all your battles exciting and fun!

New Features of Pokemon Deneb:

  • New Characters: The region includes interesting characters such as Gym Leader Olivia who uses Flying Type Pokémon, Lass Cara who uses Dragon Type Pokémon, Old Man Findlay who loves Bug Type Pokémon, Reporter Katy who likes Ghost type Pokémon and many more Pokemon Deneb characters! Pokemon Zeta & Pokemon Omega Ruby already included over 30 Pokemon Gym Leaders, 1000 Pokemon Characters, 800 Pokemon locations and 100 Pokemon Gyms so while playing it you will find lots of new characters to go through and explore the game.
  • TMs: There are 24 TMs in its Region which you can use for free so that means no need to buy them! You can use these TMs just by finding their hiding places in different places such as on road, near lakes or forests, etc. These TMS include all kind of moves like Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Roost, etc.
  • Items: There is a shop named “D-Store” located at Pokemon Deneb Pokemon Centre. Here you will find lots of items used for Pokemon Trainers such as Lucky Egg which increases your Pokemon’s experience, Fairy Bottle which heals your Pokemon from any status condition, etc.
  • It has got updated Gyms to make every Pokemon Trainer excited! You will get lots of rewards when clearing Pokemon Gym matches such as rare stones like Electirizer, Dubious Disc and Max Revive. There are also special moves hidden in the game called “Meteor Mash” and “Stone Edge”.
  • Since there is no PC in Pokemon Deneb so all Pokemon you catch can be seen on the top screen while moving around the region.
  • Expandable Bag In this game is available.

Download Pokemon Deneb For Free:

Download Here

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