Pokemon Emerald Genesis Download (Beta 2.1)

Pokemon Emerald Genesis is a Pokemon Emerald Based Rom hack by Hillsy13 for GBA Lovers. Bunch of new features like Pokeballs from Gen 4 to 7 are included. Having Pokemon from Gen 4 to 7 are also part of the game. Buffs to several Pokemon and moves that were previously weren’t viable which makes the Pokemon Emerald Genesis GBA game more unique among all the GBA Games. With Updated Battle Frontier sets you are able to fight with your enemies with more powers and effects. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features in the game before downloading it.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Emerald Genesis
  • Game Platform: GBA
  • Remake of: Pokemon Emerald
  • Remake By: Hillsy13.
  • Language: English.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Emerald Genesis GBA Download:

Talking about the storyline, it is the same as Pokemon Emerald, but there some improvements in the gameplay. Having more than 386 Pokemon available in the game and some pokemon are from Gen 4 to 7. Just like you know, just people to talk to the next town is a pretty huge library. Have you been there uh? I have not oh yeah wait. Have i been in the house? Uh! Hey kid. I know you don’t have a rod nope! I don’t fish much anyway.

Already it does seem like it’s, gonna be a little bit difficult with the levels. However, that might be because obviously we have a suicune, you know could be very easy, just fight all these magikarps eat them all up. Just imagine you’re fighting like a new trainer. You’re, like the uh, a suicune dude don’t stand a chance, i better go heal up and i should get the pp back because i have no pp, but that was worth it and there’s. Did you tried Pokemon Mythic Legends Version

About the Forest and Trainer:

The trainers get lost in this forest, so be prepared for lots of battles. Great annoying random battles won’t be too bad. If we were getting like speed level, 13 dude, the levels jump so high level, that’s a bit better. Look at this, probably not that bad, because they’re, a legendary, but still let’s. Go grab the item. Quite like caterpie super potion also pushing not bad, and i’m. Actually gonna quickly bring dance nice.

I’m gonna use this potion now my normal potion. It’s. A little bit healthy go bug squad. Go! Oh box, what a no match for my bites! You’ve, got from what a gun and get some butterfree yep easy, peasy nice, of course, gonna hurt myself for a second, then level, 13 already uh, which really want to go. Let’s. Just follow the path should probably maybe capture another pokemon as well, but level 15. Oh okay, this is about as bad can go for one more attack, another one. Oh that was close. That was close.

That was close. That was close yeah. I probably should maybe find another pokemon, but i don’t know what i want. I don’t know what you can find in the grass here. Like i, don’t want a whirlpool. What else can we get riddle? No thanks, i think it’s. Thank you very much. If i find a pikachu, i don’t mind capturing that that’d, be pretty good. I’m. Looking for a rare pokemon from for professor muskie. Also, check out Pokemon Shining Victory Download (Working 100%)

Looking for Rare Pokemon and others:

Looking for rare pokemon, maybe you can find the starters in here now that would be kind of cool, probably like a high rarity. I would assume if he’s, looking pokemon for her, maybe, but also it could be looking for anything else. There’s, an item. Then i’m gonna grab that we should get a little 15 nope, so close so close. Can we get through there? Oh, we can and it leaves no arm, and this is a good spot to like put a hidden name or something anyway.

Let’s. Go back around just what i’m gonna run out of pp. Very soon. Have you seen my brother yet uh, i don’t think so we are just getting so many levels. So quick! You draw okay, uh good attack, good dude! You random trainers, do not stand up charms against me. Honestly. Why even bother yo? My teacher asked me to come here and study the habitats of pokemon. Oh, oh, we got vulpix. If i found the vulpix, i would definitely capture. One question is: does the pokedex actually work in this game? Uh? Let’s, find out vulpix.

It does not big sad, big sad, but it’s. Fine though it’s, fine uh spinner, i’m good. I’m gonna use an ariados for a second, then let’s. Just keep quick attacking you can lower my speed. All you want doesn’t matter. Let’s. Go dude. Suicune is just so op. Oh man, you’d. Love to see it, although this does toxies. Do it doing work, okay, that’s, looking good for the confusion, then why that would have been so bad that would have been so bad.

I’m just going to run away for a little bit. I don’t. Want to waste my pee pp for more battles. I’m, hoping we’re nearly out yes, so we can get healed up. Oh wow, you made it out of the forest alive. I did well yeah. Thanks for performing this fee, i’m supposed to give you this hm. Oh well, thanks smiley face not so unenthusiastic. Now are you and we got cut nice thanks, buddy uh, i’ve scaled mountains, splunked caves and climbed all the way to the top of mount silva. Also, check out Pokemon Metal Red GBA Download (v 2.04)  and Pokemon Indian Platinum Download (v 1.82)

Pokemon Can be Found Almost Everywhere:

Pokemon can be found almost everywhere. What pokemon do you have? I have a suicune dude. What do you have? Let me tell ya it ain:’t beating my suicune right uh, i ‘ Ve got two houses to go into. Have you heard the library has new naruto manga? Oh okay, my daughter reads way too much comics for a girl, hey man. Let me know owner who’s cool. I actually need to finish naruto my goal for the end, but before the end of this year is to finish shipping, i’m currently at the um near the end like um don’t want to spoil it because no one’s seen naruto, but there’s like what 500 episodes i feel like 430 before i stopped watching like two years ago, but um.

What do you think you’re going? What this underground area is a training facility to help all the trainers that may have lost to our gym leader. Here you can hang with the trainers here and practice your skills for a fee, of course, okay, so i can battle these trainers. Then, for a bit of experience, how many trains are there there’s? A few should just fight them all real, quick uh, maybe if i beat vice he’ll go out with me. Oh, the fact that they’re losing device in their level like 16, makes me think we probably need to be around 20.

About the Evil Guardians:

Finally, the evil guardian was taken down when asked who the heroes were. The one partnered uh with moltres said his name was alex well, the one was zapdos said: okay, so i’m. Guessing me and maria here are gonna, be the heroes and there’s. Gon na be another one with reiku who’s gonna be evil. So why are guardians here that’s? The question i ask myself every day: what was our purpose? Why can we control legendaries? I always asked and always got the same answer.

The purpose comes within time. Does this mean each one of us takes a different path? I traveled for i traveled far with moltres to answer this question. Along my travels, i met the legendary trainer red there. He told me of his travels that’s. When i realized there was no answer to my question. Each guardian’s. Path truly is unique. Oh cool! All right! I’m good uh. Yes! Well, that’s really all i that i know there’s a little bit more, that i found out about us guardians, but i’d, rather keep it to myself.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

What will Milotic do Celebi appearance Northuind Grove player in the town

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Emerald Genesis GBA:

  • Having a new region.
  • Out of the ordinary choice of Pokemon in the region
  • Graphics are updated.
  • Optional side quest
  • Having some new moves.
  • Metric system
  • With new moves and movesets.
  • Completely Original Region
  • Having a Difficulty mod.
  • Special new pokemon from Gen 1 to 6.

Download Pokemon Emerald Genesis GBA For Free:

Download Here