Pokemon Shining Victory Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Shining Victory is a FireRed rom hack which is a remake by Deepak maneshswar and percy gekkounga. It is one of the best GBA Rom Hack with so many new adventures and missions. Continue your journey in the Kanto region with so many new mysteries ahead in the life. Being a young trainer in the area, collect some pokemon and move ahead for missions. In a parallel universe, during the epic battle of Kalos and Team Flare, the battle of the Zygarde forms managed to cause an explosion so strong. You are playing the main lead role of Ash, who is going to be the lead role to save his family in the Kanto area. Let’s move forward and explore the hidden features of the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Shining Victory
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
  • Remake by: Deepak maneshswar and percy gekkounga

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Shining Victory GBA ROM:

The story of this game is amazing, start with adventure and mysteries. Ash along with his Pokémon was blown away in the process. He was found lying near a river by a family and was taken care of. After staying there for 3 months and completely losing his memory of his previous events. In the world which we’re about to enter, you’ll embark on a grand adventure of you as the Hero speak to people and check things wherever you go be in towns, roads or caves, gather information and hints from every source.

New paths will open to you by helping people in need, overcoming challenges and solving mysteries. At times you’ll, be challenged by others and attacked by wild creatures, big brave and keep pushing on hey it’s, big t, needy and polka tuba. You so much your name wrong, but just inform you that this is the beta 1.2, the heck. Actually, this is 2.0 from the download, but the game takes place in the beautiful region of Iran. Iran is inhabited by tons of Pokemon and regional variants from a lowly gala and wan-soo yo. Also, try Pokémon Emerald Sky Download (Working 100%)

Battle System and more:

This is pretty cool man yeah, so I can kinda see where we are so going left as it takes us into the end. The forest, where you sees a.cian or sama center yo, what’s up dude the parrot size is amazing. Now you can battle and trade poke them with other people. Just by your walking around isn’t, it super. Amazingly. It’s, pretty good wan na win, get like a gala started from here, says hops, hops house.

Can we go inside hops house or we can on sunny days I step out and gaze upon the volcano that’s, my daily routine. There’s, a volcano and sword and shield mount ember. What the hey that ain’t right. It’s, actually kind of cool, really feels like going through a gala, but in a you know, gem free hi sexy. You know you isn’t the warm climate here greet no really oh. I should not go out without a Pokemon, so every we’ll come back once we get a starter Pokemon then, and we can explore. You know the gallery J. Also, try Pokemon Floral Tempus Download (Ep 4 Latest)

A little bit more, that’s kind of cool yeah, get to play some good old sword and shield it. No wonder that starter Pokemon anyway, for this game, like I don’t, know much. So let’s. Go back! All those marble floors whose above us we can’t go up. Oh green already left to nation enter his room. Okay, yo. We got dad a good morning, ash glad to see you’re awake. It all set to go on your first Pokemon. Well, get your Facebook one help you on your way.

Breeze Town and Sound System:

Breeze town people always want their children to be good trainers who’ll, be the pride of their families in of the city. New breeze sounds pretty cool. I like flying-type pokémon. They’re awesome. They’re, alright, not bad, not bad hi. Have you heard of the rumors that many legendary Pokemon have migrated here to heroin Wow like who wait? What does that always say? Yeah! Look at me from the back like what’s, that pokémon it looks so weird it’s, just a little rickety.

Statue of Victini his believe that Victini appears those who are destined to be great victors, nice, all right, laughs, ever dude, let’s, go get! I’ll start a Pokemon. Oh seven starters! You can pick any poke one. You would like, oh I don’t know I don’t know I’m gonna get Flynn like to me. The best like choices for starter Pokemon of Pokemon games is Jennifer E and Jen. Seven because personally, like I like all the starters in Gen 7 and Jennifer II, like Gen 1, like all the other gems, are easy.

I can just pick a straight away, but Genesis 7 and 3 so difficult, but we’ll go with literally because we can in cinema or can get into their own anime. So you know very nice. What shall we call our little? In goes to a sinner, oh, I’m gonna call you, okay, the only I can think of is that he’s Wildcats. What team Wildcats? Oh yeah, I think it. Some people will understand that. But yeah, I’m gonna take good care of that Pokemon. That’s right! That’s right yo. What’s up? Oh hi ash! You’re leavin already here. Also, try Pokemon Xenoverse Download (Latest Version)

Take a look at the Pokedex:

Take it look at Pokedex its pokedex, a hi-tech encyclopedia make good use of it, Okie Dokie. So like talking to am anyone a little cool tonight. Oh wow looks sick yeah. What’s up? My daughter is a pokemon trainer. She just caught herself a Pokemon Pikachu. Was it nice good for her yo tell on the pokemon secrets, just be a good friend, nice, nice all right so before we go up Norfolk time as soon as the way we have to go.

Let’s. Go back into gala and see if we can go any further, all the pokemon. I hope so. Yes, all right. Let’s run back and with any luck we can go forward and do stuff ayyyy all right. We need some bulls. Oh you get! A school bunny, oh nice, on this, put their cooing named sprites done that looks great. Are we are so catching their? I regret picking little nail, but school bunny is like one of my favorite starters.

Pokemon Center:

First, the Pokemon Center in green city is the building with the red roof. Thanks bug games become some it’s, gonna be kind of hard. First and doesn’t go fight. My rival or brother were very inspir, hey ash. What’s up just got your Pokemon same. I guess we should battle to test our pokemons capabilities. Let’s! Go alright. What did you choose? My dude got school money on a school money very soon, as well.

Gon na lick you gonna get the paralysis okey. Let’s. Go Pikachu, Thunder shock one more fun. I’ll. Take you out nice [, Music, ], 69 XP, nice great job. Thank you. I guess that I’ll, go challenge the pokémon league. Where’d, you go. Yeah sounds like a plan. Let’s meet up later. When we’re, both stronger, take care of you dude, you all right so Victini that’s, a big tini and it’s gone into the forest. Also, try Pokemon Sky Fortress Latest Version.

Ve got away, and now it’s, raining right. It’s Jim here, but let’s. First, we don’t need to heal up. Actually, we just need to like set the spawn, but go talk to everyone. Get some pokeballs go back the sword and shield catch a few team members. Definitely on a school Bunny, hey it’s, the pruning great yeah. Where’s, the Pokemon, let’s, buy some booze. I think Tim will do and talk to you guys, kiss kiss for free stuff. You’re, a newbie trainer.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

several new places in shining victory exploring the area of shining victory game houses in the town pokemon characters

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Shining Victory GBA:

  • Good Old Sword and Shield.
  • Bw repel system and Bw egg hatch system
  • Having a new pokemon center.
  • Mega Evolution
  • Z-moves and Primal Reversion
  • Some Pokemon from gen 1 to 7
  • Gen 8 Pokemon and Fairy Type
  • The battle between two legendaries.
  • Physical/Special split
  • Amazing new graphics and animations.

Download Pokemon Shining Victory GBA For Free:

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