Pokemon Indian Platinum Download (v 1.82)

Pokemon Indian Platinum is a special pokemon game that is a remake from Ruby Version by Mighty Scorbunny. It is a special GBA game with so many advance and attractive features. It comes with the move to the 3ds and using the generation 6 engine. It’s natural that with an improved system the way the game runs looks and sounds is different. A few of these changes will also cover in the previous two remakes of ruby. This includes stuff like the physical special move, split Pokemon characteristics. All the fact that the whole game is now laid out across two screens game freak. Let’s move on and explore some amazing features in the game before downloading it. Also, check out Pokemon Xenoverse Download (Latest Version)

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Indian Platinum
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake By: Mighty Scorbunny
  • Remake from: Pokemon Ruby
  • Language: English

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Indian Platinum GBA:

Having a new area with so many new pokemon. The main character has to play the role of trainer. Try and take advantage of the new system to really show off the Hoenn region. There are lots of areas all sorts of angles and a lot of cutscenes. Just generally feel a lot more cinematic. They did before all Rus takes after X&Y in a loss of ways. For example going in favor of illustrations for the vs. screens instead of sprites. Return lots of new items from previous generations make the first appearance in Hoenn. The TM list is also the same as x and y’s with the exception of hidden power. Since Gen 5 teams now have infinite uses there’s a huge 267 new moves. Mess around with tail the shiny odds have been sliced in half from the original Ruby and Sapphire. There’s more methods inherited from previous games like fish chaining and mizuna method breeding mechanics are also passed on from X&Y.

Another thing new from Kalos is the fairy type with some of Helens own. Pokemon retyped to reflect this a couple of examples would be the role sign. While holds triple and rotation vessels are battle formats and news of the region the returning day and night cycle. Now lets you see how and in an entirely new light I live for bad jokes but being real these visuals. Gorgeous pretty much every character was redesigned in some way for us this includes gym leaders. Minor characters trainers and of course the playable characters they did stay pretty close to the original designs. But nevertheless they are quite distinguishable from the originals mostly because they’re so freakin tall but now we’re on to the actual version. Also, check out Pokémon Sky Fortress Download RMXP

Intro and special characters:

Normally I talk about how the intros are totally different but this time they really stayed true to the originals. Replacing the double vassal segments of the originals is now a segment showcasing mega evolution and some major characters. The title screen is pretty much the same as the originals but instead shows the ecovillage and Ares. Their primal forms the actual in-game intro has the same sort of feel to it but it’s a lot more cinematic. They even use the original graphics at the beginning and I screamed on the inside and a little bit on the outside first time I saw it the credits are also now a mixture of the original bike scene.

Now a new visual with the Hoenn map the music changes to represent different parts of your journey in Howard. It’s so cute in the main story Oreste didn’t actually make any changes to the version exclusive Pokemon. After the main story is a different matter though for omega ruby you’ve got the Kabuto shield on West. Sea shallows Arkan and scrap lines as well as ho-oh Palkia throw torna this and Reshiram alpha sapphire has the ammonite trainer. Sinnoh evolutions to pokemon that already existed in Ruby and Sapphire Pokemon distributions around how and are mostly the same under normal circumstances with the odd change. Here and there a couple of examples being you can’t find some evolved Pokemon lake manectric or whale Lords in the wild anymore. Other evolved Pokemon are now available in some areas though like gloom being more widespread and sealeo and shell cave like the other two sets of remakes postgame.

Pokemon in the game:

A lot more Pokemon are available they weren’t crazy with these games though Game Freak wanted. Players to be able to get a complete pokedex using only the Gen 6 games. So they crammed every Pokemon not available in x and y into horas pokemon outside. Decks are accessible after the events at the cave of origin pretty much all of the legendaries are available. We’ll go into how you get these pokemon in a bit more depth later in the video though the first three times you beat. The Elite Four you get to choose a starter from gems two four and five. There’s now a spirit human counter and in the postgame you get a togepi egg from the same woman in lavaridge town. Also, check out Pokemon Shining Victory Download (Working 100%)

Speaking of deoxys you may recall the in generation three the different forms were split up between the gen three games. Well now you can change the Oxus form whenever you want using a special rock in professor cosmos house. Deoxys is only the beginning of the new form so all mega evolutions return from X&Y. You’ve got a whole bunch of new Megas exclusive to these games. Then there’s also the primal forms which are basically just Megas but better and lastly we have to 6 new cosplay Pikachu. Forms the storyline changes there’s a ton to go over Game Freak. Metal with the story hair a lot more than they did in previous remakes one of the biggest changes would be the way mega evolution was implemented they made it a major part of the story with Steven.

Screenshots of The Gameplay:

Stonjouner Level 2 to unravel these mysteri Brand new area Pokemon Character in the area

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Indian Platinum GBA:

  • Having a new area and storyline.
  • Move in between buildings.
  • Run indoors.
  • Amazing new graphics.
  • Animations are enhanced.
  • Special new moves and movesets.
  • Physical and Special Split System.
  • Whole Gameplay is enhanced.

Download Pokemon Indian Platinum For Free:

Download Here