Pokemon Mythic Legends Download (May 2020)

Pokemon Mythic Legends is a Pokemon FireRed Based GBA game by PsychicBoy. Having lots of new graphics and challenges added, with a completely new region to explore. Some new pokemon are part of the game which makes it unique among all the pokemon gba roms. The new version of Pokemon Mythic Legends download enables you to explore the area with bunch of new mysteries and missions. Your starters are Legendary beasts and all the pokemon are strategically placed in different locations. Let’s move on and explore the game’s features before downloading it.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Mythic Legends.
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake BY: PsychicBoy
  • Remake From: FireRed.
  • Language: English

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Mythic Legends GBA ROM:

As the game starts and fully loaded, you will be introduced with the intro section. You will protect them by yourself. There are a ton of stories you can read about this game. Being a trainer in the area, there are bunch of new challenges waiting for you in the region. They call them them out, they call scarf or them out scarf shout to sylveon. Let’s. Remember now, absolutely.i speaking of scruff Siobhan, if you guys haven’t already checked out check out the Pokemon mom on emerald randomizer nuzlocke.

Ah you’re late uh. I had a dream. I never slept well that’s, a shame. All the starter. Pokemon were taken while you were dreaming, no, that’s impossible. I’m, sorry volksi, but the rule states it’s impossible for someone to become a trainer without at least one pokemon. You have to come back next season. Wise it’s, just not fair hold on wait. Oh wow, that’s, the legendary pokemon suicune. Therefore, i’ll live long enough to see this pokemon. He’s, so young and curious too. Also, check out Pokemon Metal Red GBA Download (v 2.04)

About the Pokeballs:

So he can gently nudges an item on your belt. After close inspection, it appears to be some kind of pokeball. What the when did this get here? Uh suicune return, truly remarkable. Well, volte, it looks like you have your pokemon lucky for you have another pokedex to spare hey sweet! I’ll, just change this press that they’re all done it’s now registered to voltsy. Here you go voltsi! You’re now, an official trainer. Thank you, professor. I can’t. Believe i’m. Finally, a trainer you’ve, come a long way. Voltsi now run along and gary’s already way ahead. Oh yes, before you start your journey go visit, your father need something to give you.

Hopefully it’s, the uh, the running shoes. That would be really nice all right. Uh there’s. Also a house. I want to quickly go check out here, just because we have free stuff, because free stuff is best of all gary’s already gone, you better hurry. If you want to catch up, can i have the town map. I guess not. I’m. Equally just uh speed up a little bit. We can get to the house and hopefully give us the running shoes. Well volksie. Also, check out Pokemon Indian Platinum Download (v 1.82)

Journey in the Early Stage:

I know you’re growing up now, but i’m. Only 10. yep grown up now. As a going away present. I’d, like to give you my lucky running shoes, your lucky running shoes yep. I had them uh since i started my adventure uh thanks Dad no problem waltzy now go and start your adventure. Okay, see you later dad they grow up so fast, so we can run now. We’re spoken to our dad. I’m, going to quickly speak to uh our rivals sister again.

If we can get into the town map, no, we can’t man. That map would have been useful. I guess we go this way to a guy blocking the cave. Yep so rovandria tunnel,. But hopefully going through here there’ll, be lots of like zoobats and uh geodudes. We can take out lots of xp for our suicune. You will see sandshrew nice water gun that bad boy level. Four. So far, picking suicune going for this game is definitely the best because uh yeah it can’t, be easy. Also, try Pokemon Shining Victory Download (Working 100%)

Oh nothing up there. So let’s, go up the ladder, one level so far, not bad, not bad. Lots of encounters, but hey xps xp, you know all right route one. I love the graphics style. I don’t know just the shade of green looks really nice but uh whoa. Is it hard living in a cave uh, not really actually kind of interesting, all right? Oh isn’t it down there meow uh. I just bite that bad boy and we got x, attack noise and nidoran just a gun and what a gun again and what a gun that time and yo what’s up.

Buildings and Routes:

The tallest building in the region of apollo, so that’s. The region’s, name uh credit card. You take the element tower challenge until you have all eight okay. So this is the i guess: elite, four, pretty much it’s good to know, get killed up here, though at least it’s kind of crazy. The elite. Four is that route, one don’t wan na bite. You just in case i get poison pointed that would be bad, but clarity – town, oh hi. Oh, i guess gary has got a custom sprite, but hey voldsy. It took you so long to get here.

I’m going here, the entire time to see what starter you got. Uh about that. You need to tell me what our balance skills talk. Oh dude, you’re about to get absolutely destroyed. Oh looks: kind of cool got charmander, go charmander, go sweet, do not stand a chance! Dude that’s. What the gun that bad boy, nice damage and one more water gun noise well votes! You’re, pretty good, hey thanks! I try. I try wow folks, you’re, a natural battling next time i won’t. Be so soft, though see ya.

I’m, going to get my first badge: nice, nice, nice, okay! So let’s. Go explore the town this town is famous for its crystal clear waters. Oh nice uh yo. What’s up dude dude one day i’ll turn tennis on my adventure, like you somehow. That seems really something. Just don’t, get don’t, hurt yourself dude all right. What else can we find in this town? See? I’m, not sure how far this um this game went before. Hax repairman came and fixed it once they fixed it like finished it, but i uh.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

the town of trees Gemburst Town and cave I am a star

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Mythic Legends GBA Download:

  • Having a new area and plot.
  • Some realistic new graphics and animations.
  • Strategically placed Pokemon and Catchable starters
  • Extra ordinary moves.
  • New challenges
  • Several new TMs and HMs
  • Difficult Gyms layouts
  • New pokemon from Gen 1 to 7.

Download Pokemon Mythic Legends GBA For Free:

Download Here

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